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Mobile data usage with SIM800L modem

2020.09.07 19:06 Dzhimen Mobile data usage with SIM800L modem

Hey guys.
I have an ESP32 project, where I am using a SIM800L modem to transfer data to/from the server.
I am making one HTTP GET and one HTTP POST request every minute. These are simple text url encoded requests.
GET request raw (usable) data size is about 30 bytes. About 60 bytes for POST request. With Postman i have found out that with GET/POST protocol overhead these two requests combined should be less than 1000 bytes in size.
However, my mobile carrier is charging me 5000 bytes for those two requests (they charge per 1000B).
I don't have enough experience to figure out what is causing this high usage. I know we are talking about very small sizes, but that is a lot of overhead for 100B of usable data...
I have tried:
Doesn't make any difference. Always there is 5000 B charged per minute.
For those of you who have any experience in sending small pieces of data (sensor readings and whatnot) over mobile data, does this sound normal? Is this just protocol and network overhead or am I missing something?

And how much overhead is expected in this case if I switch to mqtt?
Any help or insight into this topic is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)

Here are the relevant pieces of code for those interested:
// Your GPRS credentials (leave empty, if not needed) const char apn[] = "websi"; // APN const char gprsUser[] = ""; // GPRS User const char gprsPass[] = ""; // GPRS Password // SIM card PIN (leave empty, if not defined) const char simPIN[] = ""; // TTGO T-Call pins #define MODEM_RST 5 #define MODEM_PWKEY 4 #define MODEM_POWER_ON 23 #define MODEM_TX 27 #define MODEM_RX 26 #define I2C_SDA 21 #define I2C_SCL 22 // Set serial for AT commands (to SIM800 module) #define SerialAT Serial1 // Configure TinyGSM library #define TINY_GSM_MODEM_SIM800 // Modem is SIM800 #define TINY_GSM_RX_BUFFER 1024 // Set RX buffer to 1Kb #include  TinyGsm modem(SerialAT); // I2C for SIM800 (to keep it running when powered from battery) TwoWire I2CPower = TwoWire(0); // TinyGSM Client for Internet connection TinyGsmClient client(modem); #define IP5306_ADDR 0x75 #define IP5306_REG_SYS_CTL0 0x00 bool setPowerBoostKeepOn(int en){ I2CPower.beginTransmission(IP5306_ADDR); I2CPower.write(IP5306_REG_SYS_CTL0); if (en) { I2CPower.write(0x37); // Set bit1: 1 enable 0 disable boost keep on } else { I2CPower.write(0x35); // 0x37 is default reg value } return I2CPower.endTransmission() == 0; } 
// Start I2C communication I2CPower.begin(I2C_SDA, I2C_SCL, 400000); // Keep power when running from battery bool isOk = setPowerBoostKeepOn(1); Serial.println(String("IP5306 KeepOn ") + (isOk ? "OK" : "FAIL")); // Set modem reset, enable, power pins pinMode(MODEM_PWKEY, OUTPUT); pinMode(MODEM_RST, OUTPUT); pinMode(MODEM_POWER_ON, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(MODEM_PWKEY, LOW); digitalWrite(MODEM_RST, HIGH); digitalWrite(MODEM_POWER_ON, HIGH); // Set GSM module baud rate and UART pins SerialAT.begin(115200, SERIAL_8N1, MODEM_RX, MODEM_TX); delay(3000); // Restart SIM800 module, it takes quite some time // To skip it, call init() instead of restart() Serial.println("Initializing modem..."); modem.restart(); // use modem.init() if you don't need the complete restart // Unlock your SIM card with a PIN if needed if (strlen(simPIN) && modem.getSimStatus() != 3 ) { modem.simUnlock(simPIN); } delay(5000); if (!modem.gprsConnect(apn, gprsUser, gprsPass)) { serialPrint(1, "Failed to connect to GPRS!", true); } else { serialPrint(3, "Successfully connected to GPRS.", true); } 
Get/Post request functions which I am calling in the code:
HttpClient httpMobile(client, serverIP, serverPort); void postRequest(String path, String postData){ httpMobile.connectionKeepAlive(); httpMobile.beginRequest(); int codePost ="/" + path); serialPrint(3, "HTTP POST: Request Code " + String(codePost), true); httpMobile.sendHeader(F("Content-Type"), F("application/x-www-form-urlencoded")); httpMobile.sendHeader(F("Content-Length"), postData.length()); httpMobile.beginBody(); httpMobile.println(postData); httpMobile.endRequest(); int status = httpMobile.responseStatusCode(); serialPrint(3, "HTTP POST: Response status " + String(status), true); httpMobile.stop(); serialPrint(3, "HTTP POST: Client disconnected.", true); } String getRequest(String path){ httpMobile.connectionKeepAlive(); int err = httpMobile.get("/" + path); if (err != 0) { serialPrint(1, "HTTP GET: Request Error - Failed to connect!", true); return ""; } int status = httpMobile.responseStatusCode(); serialPrint(3, "HTTP GET: Response status " + String(status), true); if (!status) { serialPrint(1, "HTTP GET: Request Error - Bad response (" + String(status) + ")!", true); return ""; } int length = httpMobile.contentLength(); if (length >= 0) { serialPrint(3, "HTTP GET: Content length is " + String(length), true); } if (httpMobile.isResponseChunked()) { serialPrint(3, "HTTP GET: The response is chunked", true); } String body = httpMobile.responseBody(); serialPrint(3, "HTTP GET: Response", true); serialPrint(3, body, true); httpMobile.stop(); serialPrint(3, "HTTP GET: Client disconnected.", true); return body; } 
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2020.08.09 06:52 AsWeGoAlong14 [3ds] is the soundhax version of homebrew cfw-free?

I lost all my SD card data and i'm trying to homebrew my 3ds again. I used to use steelhax but heard it was outdated so I am looking for a better homebrew launcher,and many directed me to the websie I was looking for the requirements for the homebrew and I came across some stuff that looked a bit scary. boot9strap and Luma. I put cfw on one of my 3ds' and it is now a dead console. Can't add friends locally, can't updte games, full blown dead all because I put it on my system. It would really take a load off if I found out it was cfw-free.
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2020.03.23 14:05 DrSobek Doing SEO for

I have a project for a local business in Russia and i'm looking to optimize their website (WP) for Yandex. I don't have much experience with this but from what I gather its kinda similar to optimization for Google. From what I gathered the important things for Yandex are (in that order) : Hosting and websie loading speed and accessibility, domain location (better to use .ru), user visits and engagement, meta data optimization, page tags/title tags, no duplication, internal links (key worded), external links (only of they bring traffic) and text length (200-500 wrds.). Am I missing something here? Any resources or tools you can recommend specifically for Yandex? (i speak Russian as well) Or some Google SEO tools that can definately be used for both? Maybe some good tutorials on this topic?
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2019.12.24 19:28 roelofwobben How to make the customer name instead of just the customer Id

Im following a pluralsight course and I what I have learned in a little toy project. A websie where someone can make invoices. I do not use a database right now because that part is still not explained
So I have a invoice class which looks like this :
but on this page :
I want to display the customer name instead of just the customerId.
I can make a new interface that fetch the customerName when I input the id in my IInvoice class and inject it here :

but how do I then change the getAll Function here :

so the name is shown instead of the id.

Regards and all a merry Christmas,

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2019.03.30 09:51 Vaidehi_91 Is really Backlilks still in role while doing SEO & how do we generate them.

Is really Backlilks still in role while doing SEO & how do we generate them.
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How does your website going to be higher in SERP!
SEO is work on two aspects i.e On page and off page optimization which generates an organic result & quality traffic.
On- page optimization
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Once you used to create quality backlinks from other websies, then the remaining process should be getting easy. following are the parameters you should consider while doing SEO:
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2019.03.16 11:23 removalbot 03-16 10:23 - 'Migrating a website to cloud' (self.linux) by /u/Devops-Enabler1 removed from /r/linux within 210-220min



Hosting a website is not a challenge, but the difficulty arises when we try to maintain it. Currently, there are many web hosting services that provide hosting solutions. It has its own advantages and disadvantages added to it. The real value of the Cloud may not come from reduced expenditures but from receiving better [IT services]1 , security, and overall value for your company. We were pleased to help one of our customers who approached us with problems of migrating their website and getting website maintenance services in the cloud.
The Challenges
Wanting to cut costs, our customer decides to migrate their website to the cloud as well as seek an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity and maintain the integrity of all its information. It is obvious that when we invest, we have expectations and wanted to lower operational overhead and stay apace with the market.
After having their website hosted in the traditional hosting site, they realized their choice had not met expectations in terms of performance. The website migration services play a bigger part regarding the navigation speed of the website. If a site takes a long time to load and too much time in internal navigation, it is bound to get fewer users. Slow website loading and navigation speed was a major problem they encountered.
Website downtime had great impacts on business, which was their prime concern. Migrating websites includes maintenance, i.e.; resources must be scaled up and down as well when required. To use resources during peak server times, they had to be purchased beforehand for a month or a year.
The Solution
  1. At [DevOps Enabler & Co]2 , we examined each case carefully and decided that migration of website in the cloud would help overcome the issues they faced. After reaching out to us for a recommendation and they came away convinced to migrate their website to the cloud. Migrating to cloud not only helped solve the issues that they faced but also provided additional benefits.
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Migrating a website to cloud
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Author: Devops-Enabler1
1: d*vops*nable*.co*/ 2: devo*sena*ler*c*m/ 3: de*op*enable**com/ 4: *evopse*abl**.com/ 5: dev**senable*.com/services/*e**ps-**n**ed-*e*vice*/ 6: devop****bl**.com/mi*rat*ng***w*bsite-to-cloud/ 7: *e*** 8: i.redd.*t/lh***725mf*21**pg 9: devo*s*n*bl**/m**r*ting-**websi**-to-cloud/]^*6
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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2017.09.13 07:05 SilverCaster4444 r/The_Donald can't figure out what caused 9/11: Jooz or Mozlems?

(Note: This was originally intended for badhistory. Apparently I'm supposed to post here to get it un-removed?)
So yesterday was the 16th anniversary of 9/11, one of the worst terrorist attacks in history and arguably the most defining moment in the 21st century. Not only did the attack take the lives of nearly 3000 people, it also ushered in the ideological "War on Terror", leading to invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (both of which claimed civilian casualties into the millions), lead to multiple incredibly unstable regime changes that quickly erupted into multiple bloody ongoing civil) wars), as well as a new era of drone warfare, curbing civil liberties, NSA spying, and skyrocketing deportations, among other unpleasantries. So it doesn't come as a surprise that for most of us, the anniversary of 9/11 is a day to be sombre, and remember the lives of the people who were taken not only on that day, but the many days that followed, all over the world. It's a day to remind ourselves of the devastation that occurred, and the change it brought.
Unless of course...
You're a T_D regular.
Than for you 9/11 is a wonderful excuse to write long incoherent paragraphs about dem evil [insert Muslims/Brown people/Arabs/Jooz/Israelis/ or big bad spoopy Gov't], often bridled with layers upon layers of badhistory and some really shitty grammar. Luckily for me, I'll be the one shifting through the garbage heap, finding heaps and heaps of the glorious stuff this subreddit loves.
This year's T_D badhistory posts on 9/11 can be found here and here. I'll just be skimming over the comments for R5
(Side Note: Oh yeah, I'm nerfing some of the comments because there's a lot of stuff I really shouldn't repeat in there)
Let's start with the second most popular comment here
Afghanistan would be a Buddhist nation instead. It's hard to imagine isn't it? It wouldn't even be named Afghanistan. [+840]
Well... perhaps one of the reasons it's so "hard to imagine" is because Afghanistan has never been a Buddhist nation in the first place?
There was never a purely Buddhist nation/kingdom that covered all/most of Afghanistan?
The Maurya Empire, the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom, and the Kushan empire,
Buddhism was a major religion in the region of Hindu Kush Mountain region yes, but it was practised alongside Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and Hellenism. It was never the sole religion there.
Also I'm really confused about where he got the "It wouldn't even be named Afghanistan" from. From what I read here) the term Afghan comes from a 3rd century Sassanian name of an eastern tribe called Abgân.
There was also mention of Afghans by Buddhists themselves:
Hiven Tsiang, a Chinese Buddhist pilgrim visiting the Afghanistan area several times between 630 and 644 CE, speaks about the native tribes inhabiting the region. According to scholars such as V. Minorsky, W.K. Frazier Tyler and M.C. Gillet, the word Afghan has appeared in the 982 Ḥudūd al-ʿĀlam, where a reference is made to a village.
"Saul, a pleasant village on a mountain. In it live Afghans"
And considering stan means "land of the", it's not a stretch to say that's what they still probably would have called the country: "Afgan - istan"
I mean, if you're going to get made about changing demographics, at least get mad over real demographics. And considering this person has a TN flair, he/she should be the last person getting mad over countries violently changing religions. Along with every other North American, South American, Australian, and European.
The Crusades were in response to centuries of Islamic invasion, yes. [+164]
You mean to tell me that within 100 years of its founding islam was laying seige to the heart of Christendom, and had already invaded all of northern Africa, Spain, the Levant, Iraq, and Persia? /s [+94]
You mean to tell me after 20 generations of oppression under Muslims , white people fought back???? How dare Christians [+54]
The Crusades was a fight against muslims. I'm glad they won.
I'm glad we won too. [+5]
At least the crusades were somewhat justified. They only recaptured land that was taken by Muslims. Islamic terrorism on the other hand, will NEVER be justified.
Wow! A subreddit talking about how "uniquely" violent Islam is brings up Crusade Apologitism. Never saw that one coming /s
Crusader apologists have already covered extensively in this subreddit, so I won't be too big here, however I will ask anyone reading this to think back on the extensive "Islamic invasions" responsible for the:
Oh yeah, there wasn't any.
Anyways, Spain and Persia weren't "Christian nations" that's a bunch of revisionist bullshit. Spain was ruled by the Visigoths and Persia by the Sassanids.
And the Crusaders clearly lost? They were successful in some of the early campaigns but overall Muslims keept them out of Jerusalem and Egypt for centuries
Also, isn't the "heart of Christendom" St. Peter's Basilica? I've seen this phrase numerous times, but these people seem to be referring to something else? Because I sure am certain the Basilica was never "taken by the Muslim horde".
Libs will point out arabic math in the 1200's, ignoring that we already had and forgot that math... So we can say fine, since the crusades, what good has Islam done? WWI? Yeah that kind of sucked. Armenian genocide? That sucked too. The truce that created two states, israel and Jordan that the palestinians immediately ignored and demanded that Israel be split again? Yeah not so good. I could go on, should I? [+42]
Yes, PLEASE go on and and explain to me just how fucking WORLD WAR ONE was one of Islam's many contributions to human history.
I can handle his mix-up on the years, I can handle his complete dismissal of the importance of Medieval Islamic contribution to European Mathematics, I can handle his faulty logic (hey genius, how exactly did you "already have and forget" mathematical concepts that Muslims had just developed several centuries prior? Wouldn't that still make Islam important?), I can handle his implication that both WW1 and the Armenian Genocide are purely Islam's fault, I can even handle his one-sided view of the Israeli conflict, but what I can NOT handle is how utterly smug he fucking is. The fact that he is so confident, so damn proud, that what he just spewed on his keyboard is anything other than asinine bullshit makes me want to friggen fight an Oak tree
Oh, and Islam's as much to blame for the Armenian ethnic cleansings as Christianity is to the Circassian Genocide.
yeah... Islam hasn't done anything except kill people [+48]
yeah... seeing Islam is a theology which exists in a book and various oral traditions, is unable to do anything, much less kill people
Without Islam the ME would be Christian and peaceful [+24]
TIL: Without Islam one of the most religiously diverse and historically violent regions in the world would be completely "Christian" and "peaceful"
Byzantine vs. Sassanid wars no real. No scratch that, insert literally any 1) Christian or 2) pre-Islamic ME violoence
Technology has given us skyscrapers and jet airplanes, but it took Islam to bring them together. [+367]
Yes because Muslims invented flying planes into stuff
The Library at Alexandria would still be in existence. It was the largest library in the world and said to hold over one half million scrolls. In 620, when Caliph Omar conquered the city, he burnt them all. It is written that it took over six months to burn all the scrolls. He destroyed all the texts by using them as kindling to burn the bathhouses in the city. He said, "If those books are in agreement with the Quran, we have no need of them; and if these are opposed to the Quran, destroy them." [+34]
The library was literally in ruins before Islam became a thing.
No one knows exactly if the story with Caliph Omar is true, seeing as it was written centuries after he died
Japan has strict immigration laws against islam. I love Japan [+35]
Poland has 0 islamic refugees and 0 terrorist attacks. Same with Japan. Must be a coincidence! [+38]
Still waiting for the next terrorist attack in Japan. Oh nvm they banned islam [+12]
Oh for the fucking love of God you could have literally spent 7 seconds to google any of the above to easily find out it's not true before typing but nooo continue to base your knowledge off shitty memes
This isn't badhistory. This is just straightforward ignorance
I lived all my life without it. 9/11 was my only real direct exposure to 'Islam' Ban Islam. Ban Sharia. Exile Democrats. [+105]
I believe you. Your comment is exactly what I'd expect from someone who's only view of Islam is through 9/11.
Hell, the entire religious violence of islam started because their prophet went up to Jews in Mecca, tried to preach to them, the Jews said "lol no" and he got pissy about that.
I thought it started back when his followers were being beaten and killed for 15 years and they fled to another city to avoid being wiped out. Nvm, this clearly enlightened reddit comment is much more accurate than all those early Islamic chronicles! /s
Besides, a number of prominent early Muslims were Jewish, like Abdullah ibn Salam for example.
Well, that's enough for Muslims/Islam, get ready for the really weird shit I found within these pages.
Fun Fact: Muhammad the prophet of Islam was white.
Not surprised These cracker Arabs are filthy and disgusting 
thank you i am leaving islam too after reading the bible.....i was brainwashed as a child i see that now jesus is the truth the way and the life...god bless you
Oh, and yeah, sure thing "Mary Viola".
NEVER FORGET 9/11 The best intro you will ever find: 9/11 A CONSPIRACY THEORY (Watch full series of Corbett report) Here's what really happened on 9.11 -- James Perloff Seek the truth, spread the word! [+221]
Oh, I'm certain that nothing in this websi-clicks
What’s wrong with the following math equations?
3 + 3 = 68 98 – 7 = 2 58 X 7 = 35
What’s wrong, of course, are the 8s. Take away the 8s and each equation reads correctly. I believe that, when it comes to resolving the mystery of how 9/11 was executed, the Truth Movement suffers from a major “8” (in addition to any individual doses of cognitive dissonance that have been deliberately sprinkled in). I believe that “8” is:
9/11 was an inside job.
So far so good-
I believe a far more correct rendering is:
9/11 was an outside job, done by Israeli operatives, but with consent and cooperation at the highest levels of the U.S. government.
So after learning that a lot more than 0 people in T_D believe in such conspiracy theories, (being a tad strange considering they spent the entire last day bemoaning about Muslims), I decided to search around a bit and found... this
ON 9/11???
(PS: I'm new to reddit so can someone help with the whole "np reddit thing"? Thank You)
Edit: Special Thank you to: u/wertercatt
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2017.04.29 22:13 CookyDough A tor hidden Message service: Sinbox - sinbox4irsyaauzo.onion

I found Sinbox listed on this anti-censorship websie:
Sinbox – http://sinbox4irsyaauzo.onion
Sinbox is a secure online inbox for users of the Tor Network. It requires NO JavaScript or cookies and all messages sent through the system are encrypted using multi-layered encryption techniques.
Sadly, I don't think you can send emails across the internet with it.
Visiting http://sinbox4irsyaauzo.onion tells us it's Copyleft since 2012! I'm not sure how I've never heard of it before, but I'm glad to see it.
The landing page says:
Greetings guest,
Sinbox is a secure online inbox for users of the Tor Network. It requires NO JavaScript or cookies and all messages sent through the system are encrypted using multi-layered encryption techniques. Each sinbox is allocated its own unique viewing key - which you download and secure locally. You provide this key each time you login and it will only be stored on our server until you logout or your session expires. The authentication, encryption and decryption processes are completely decentralized from the host machine.
The system itself is very plain and simple - as it was designed that way. Sinbox users can store an unlimited number of messages and can even send file attachments to one another. There is no quota concerning files received, although attachments must not exceed 5MB per each individual message.
For those of you who are looking to make friends - please feel free to list yourself in our public directory. This directory enables other sinbox users to easily find and message you. You may if you wish list your TorChat ID in this directory. If you require a safe alternative to email then signup for a free sinbox today.
Please stay safe out there and remember - NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL DETAILS TO ANYONE!
Kind regards, Sinbox Admin
Sinbox's FAQ reads like this:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Why is this service called Sinbox?
This service is called Sinbox because we took the first letter of secure and prefixed it against the word inbox. (S)ecure inbox. Originally we were going to call the service Torbox but this name is already associated with a number of different Tor related products and services. Sinbox me - it's also catchy!
What is my email address?
We do not offer email services. Sinbox is an encrypted messaging system for Tor.
Can I send messages to Sinbox users from my own website or forum?
Many webmasters have asked us if they can send messages programmatically. The answer is yes! You can download our Sinbox API (PHP) here. You can get your API Authentication Token from the Home menu. Perfect for sending out activation and reset links for Tor based websites and forums and preventing ghost / spam accounts.
How do I retrieve or reset my password?
If you have lost your password then we're afraid there's nothing we can do about it. Your sinbox is not linked to your email address - because we do not ask you to provide any personally identifiable information. This means we cannot offer a reset facility. Your password is also hashed multiple times so we cannot recover it even if we wanted to. We do not reset passwords via TorChat (before you ask). Just because you may have your TorChat ID listed in our public directory - this doesn't prove that you're actually the sinbox account holder as your ID may have been compromised. Why not signup again?
How do I retrieve my viewing (decryption) key?
If you have lost your viewing key then we're afraid there's nothing we can do about this either. You will NOT be able to login without it and your messages will remain encrypted on our server until they're deleted by a pruning process that's run against dormant accounts that have not been accessed for over six months. No key = no authentication or decryption. Why not signup again and create a new sinbox?
What is that randomly generated data in the url?
This randomly generated data actually contains information like the page you want to visit, your session id (if you have cookies disabled) and several rotating decryption keys that allows you to view the pages of this site. Decryption keys constantly expire periodically and are regenerated during your browsing session. You should NEVER post a link that contains this data. If you have cookies disabled and you post a link containing this data - there is a very small chance that your session could be hijacked. You should ensure too that your preferred Tor Browser does NOT pass on referral information when you navigate away from this site. If you wish to link to this site then please post the onion domain only.
What is the upload limit for file attachments?
The upload limit is currently set to 5MB per each individual message. Your overall sinbox does not have a quota so you can store as many attachments as you like. We do have several terabytes of storage but if our drives ever do run out of space - we will probably prune old attachments. If this ever happens you will receive an advanced notification from us. Uploads of 5MB+ will fail if you try to attach them.
Are file attachments encrypted too?
Yes. File attachments sent via the messaging system are encrypted with the message. File attachments are stored twice - because the sender and recipient will hold different viewing (decryption) keys.
How long are deleted messages retained for?
We have a zero day retention policy. We're not Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. When you delete a message it's gone forever. We do not keep any backups of the message databases. If you delete a message by mistake then your message is irretrievable. If we suffer data loss then your messages will be gone too.
What do I do if I'm being harassed?
If you're being harassed by another sinbox user then please add them to your block list. If they create a new account to continue their harassment then consider deleting your account and creating a new one with a different username. We cannot view the content of our user's messages to verify harassment claims as this conflicts with the security, legality, integrity and main purpose of the sinbox system. As this is an anonymous service - there would be nothing to stop a harasser from signing up again and again.
What happens to my messages if your server is ever compromised?
This site may go down and you will probably lose all of your messages. Your message data itself will be useless to an adversary as it would take millions of years to decrypt your personal data. This site uses decentralized multi-layered encryption techniques. These layers are peeled back by remote hosts. We are not willing to go into great detail concerning the security of these remote hosts or our local machine. What we can tell you is that we operate a tripwire system that can detect if our server or this site has been tampered with or modified in any way. If this system is triggered then all remote hosts responsible for peeling back the layers of encryption will automatically shut down and perform secure drive wipes.
I work for law enforcement and would like access to an account?
Unfortunately without a username, password and viewing (decryption) key there's absolutely nothing we can do for you. Our service is setup in such a way that not even the site admin can access user messages. Of course we support your gallant efforts to go after the bad guys but unless you can obtain the correct login credentials - then you will NOT be able to achieve ANY access. If you can obtain the required login credentials from the user and you have the legal authority to do so then we will NOT obstruct justice. In a nutshell this means if you require access to an account / data then you will NEED to obtain the login credentials and key from the ACCOUNT HOLDER. Good luck with your investigation.
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2015.01.23 18:11 hd27 My friend has limited satellite internet with data limits,She wants to learn how to code to..what should she do?

She leaves in a mountainous area and just bought a cheap i7 laptop for coding.She only has free-internet during 12am to 5am.The rest of time,she has a data limit on internet.I was thinking of giving her videos or pdfs and make fake websies on computer.What do you think should do?
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